Who is conspiring against Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman?

News desk: BNP leaders Begum Khaleda Zia who has imprisoned for ‘Zia Orphanage Trust’ graft case. Recently, BNP backed lawyers and leaders of BNP are more concerned for Former Advisor and Leader of Jatiyo Oikko Front Barrister Moinul Hossain instead of Begum Khaleda Zia. There is a rumor which showed that, BNP leaders and lawyers are very worried about Barrister Moinul. This much of concern was not seen while Khaleda Zia was imprisoned. But why? After watching the effort of the BNP leaders and BNP backed lawyers, political analysts are saying that, “BNP leaders and lawyers are trying to change their leadership. They are considering to join with Barrister Moinul and Dr. Kamal. Now they are trying to keep Khaleda Zia in the jail and Tarique will be eliminated from the party as well.”

The conspiracy against the founding family of BNP has been unveiled through a conversation over the phone between Barrister Moinul Hossain and a person named Majumder. The audio clip of their conversation was leaked which gave birth to lots of questions.
This audio clip was leaked in Facebook before Barrister Moinul was arrested for a defamation suit. In that conversation it could be heard that, “Dr. Kamal Hossain is brought to the alliance so that Tarique Rahman can be destroyed permanently.” Barrister Moinul also insulted him by calling him a four footed animal.

Professor Ali Riaj of the Department of Government and Politics of the Illinois State University said, “No election without Khaleda Zia – was the policy of BNP. But they slowly getting out of it. From that moment, we were getting a vibe that change is coming on the leadership of BNP. Later, few leaders of BNP and Dr. Kamal became too hasty on forming up Jatiyo Oikko Front. It was not complicated in the beginning but gradually it is becoming more complex. Their leaders and lawyers have forgotten their prime leader and trying to free a leader from the alliance. So it is very clear that they are trying to change their tradition of leadership. On the other hand, Barrister Moinul made it clear via the phone conversation that Dr. Kamal has been brought to the alliance so that Tarique Rahman can be eliminated from the party named BNP.”

Now the question is, why senior leaders and lawyers of BNP will hand over a party like BNP on someone else’s hand? What can be there benefit?

Ali Riaj answered to that question by saying, “senior leaders of BNP are out of power for past 10 years. They are also thinking that BNP do not have required leader to lead the party. Because, one prime leader is imprisoned and other one is a fugitive. Besides, BNP also lost recognition because of these two prime leaders. For this reason, if BNP want to stand up as party on the international platform, then they will require a leader with clean image. And they are thinking that Dr. Kamal and Barrister Moinul has that ability. So if they can manage to change the leaders without compromising the position of the party then what can go wrong? It can be one of the possibilities that, BNP is looking for some other leader except Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman.