Tarique attacked Oikko Front: Dr. Kamal is losing the support of India


News Desk: Dr. Kamal Hossain is facing the rage of India for breaking his promise regarding the 11th National Parliamentary Election. India made it clear to Dr. Kamal that, Tarique Rahman should not take any part in the political decisions of Oikko Front. Since, Tarique Rahman has now become the silent decision maker of Oikko Front so India decided not to help Oikko Front. So, it can be said that, Dr. Kamal’s Oikko Front is feeling pressure just before the election. Even, Dr. Kamal and other prominent leaders are thinking that the result of the election might not be on their favor.

A source from Jaityo Oikko Front informed that, Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir of BNP and other senior leaders accepted the condition of India at that time. But, Tarique Rahman kept interfering from London with decisions of the alliance. India got very angry on Dr. Kamal when Tarique Rahman decided to interview the aspirants. A fugitive is not permitted to do that. For this reason, India also warned Dr. Kamal that they will not support him during the election.

Meanwhile, some leaders of Oikko Front are thinking that, Tarique Rahman’s actions might become unfortunate for them. Tarique Rahman is a criminal and dangerous politician in India’s eye. Tarique Rahman broke their trust once and India is not going to repeat the same mistake. It can be said that, Oikko Front’s plans are getting destroyed because of Tarique Rahman. No one from Oikko Front including Dr. Kamal is unable to accept it. India thinks Tarique Rahman is becoming the Achilles heel of the Oikko Front. Some leaders including Dr. Kamal expressed their misery and annoyingness because they are thinking that Oikko Front will lose in the election because of Tarique Rahman’s wrong decision. India warned that, if Tarique Rahman does not stop interfering in Oikko Front then they will bound to transfer their sympathy to other parties.

Mahmudur Rahman Manna, one of the major leaders of Oikko Front said, “It is true that, Oikko Front is in pressure because of Tarique Rahman’s comments. India is one of the important back up for Oikko Front and they gave their decision at the very beginning that Tarique Rahman cannot take part on anything. Kamal sir also agreed with that. But, now Tarique Rahman is interfering on every decision of Oikko Front. It has put Dr. Kamal in an uncomfortable situation. Indian High commission politely warned Dr. Kamal about it on 19th November; they said that India will not let a criminal to lead a country. We are also concerned about it. Though, Dr. Kamal requested Tarique Rahman again and again not to interfere with their decisions, but Tarique Rahman kept doing it. Now it has gotten serious as the election is getting nearer. It can be said that, Tarique Rahman is destroying his own house. Many leaders of Oikko Front are annoyed because of Tarique Rahman’s behavior. I hope, Tarique Rahman will understand the gravity of the situation and will work accordingly for the sake of Oikko Front. Right, the most important and needed thing for the Oikko Front is Tarique Rahman’s silence.”

BNP leader Goyeshwar Chandra Roy described it in a different manner. He said, “BNP is the biggest part of Jatiyo Oikko Front. But, it is also true that, Oikko Front achieved international recognition because of Dr. Kamal and his allies. We think that, he is the one who convinced India to help them out; but they need to know that, Tarique Rahman is the only decision maker of BNP. Now, if Oikko Front face problem from India and blames our leader Tarique Rahman then it will not be logical. It is Dr. Kamal’s responsibility to convince India. Tarique Rahman did not commit a crime by interviewing the nomination candidates before the election. India should justify it thoroughly. We gave our word that; if we come to power then we will provide all kinds of facilities to India. But India’s pressure on us which is just before the election does not look good. I think they want to impose more conditions on Dr. Kamal.”